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The Will To Win: Dual Championship Winner, Tony Jackson Jr.

Eibach has built our foundation upon one core principal: The Will to Win. This mission statement has driven us to engineer and manufacture the finest suspension components in the world and distribute them to enthusiasts and racers on a global scale. We are honored to work alongside the most prestigious race teams, to gather new data and implement this technology into every part we design.  The relationships we've built have given us multitudes of collective knowledge and thousands of new “Eibach Family” members. 

In this installment of 'The Will To Win', we met with Tony Jackson Jr., a recent addition to the Family who dominated two regional Dirt Late Model championships in 2013 and is gunning for a national title this year.

We here at Eibach are all motorsports fans and fairly competitive amongst ourselves. Can you recall the first time you were inspired to race competitively?

TJ: It’s all I’ve ever known. My dad used to race, and once I turned 16, I went after it.

Where did you start?

TJ: I started on asphalt at the local tracks in Lebanon (MO), racing Street Stock and then on to Dirt Late Model.

Can you recall the first time you used Eibach springs on any of your cars?

TJ: Frank (Simonetti, Eibach Motorsports Manager) and I met in Nebraska a few seasons ago and told me about what Eibach had to offer. We did a lot of back-to-back testing with other manufacturers and Eibach always stood out. There was a lot more movement in the car. You could tell when you made a change that it actually did something, and we saw so many major improvements while testing - that’s when we decided to make the switch.

How did that affect your racing?

TJ: We noticed an immediate improvement. Because of that, we had lot of regional wins last year. We won both MARS Dirt Car and Lucas Oil MLRA Late Model championships.

You’re the only racer in history to bring home those two championships in the same season; is that correct?

TJ: Yes, it was a big year; we had a lot of wins.

So what’s next for 2014?

TJ: We just finished up with Arizona, next is El Paso and after that is Pro-season of NDRL.

 A whole national league this year? You’re going to be a busy man. How many races make up the National Dirt Racing League series?

TJ: About 50 races. We’re going to hit the Lucas Oil Crown Jewels and some World of Outlaws races where the schedule fits. We’re still working on a schedule but we know NDRL will be at the top of the list.

What drove you to compete in NDRL in 2014?

TJ: With the year we had last year, I felt a national series was the move I needed to make this time. I owe it to my sponsors and myself to keep this momentum going.

The Will to Win means more than just winning in a competitive sense. It’s also what drives us to take on new responsibilities and help us grow on and off the track. What tasks or responsibilities have you taken to better yourself or those around you?

TJ: We’ve got a few local tracks that we make sure to take time out of our schedules and visit to help new racers get started.  Personally, as far as responsibilities go, we had our first child during the last season.

During the racing season? Congratulations! That’s a major responsibility that changes many people’s lives.

TJ: Yeah, it’s a big change to your world. 

Ok, let’s look at it competitively; what is your Will to Win?

TJ: I don’t think it’s all about winning to say I’ve won, but it’s about the feeling of not taking a win home after putting 110% of effort in. I’m a competitive guy in a competitive sport. Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. Every event you show up to, you have to go in with the mindset that you’re going to be the winner.


(photos: courtesy of Tony Jackson Jr.)


For more information about Tony Jackson Jr. and his battle to become the National Dirt Racing League Champion, you can follow him on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tony-Jackson-Jr or www.tonyjacksonjr.com.

If you’d like to know more about what Eibach products Tony Jackson Jr. is using to take home the win, check out: Motorsports




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