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What's Your Stance on Stance?

It’s the new style that’s sweeping the streets, figuratively and literally. A combination of wide wheels, stretched tires, extreme amounts of negative camber, and maximum drop are applied to your favorite chassis to achieve one goal, the perfect stance.

We may not always be the lowest, but there’s a reason for that. There is a range of motion that your suspension is designed to work within. Too much drop and you compromise ride quality, performance, and tire longevity. Ever since Eibach stepped into the automotive industry, our goal has been to find the balance. We design our systems to work without any necessary modifications to your existing hardware. Depending on which manufacturer you choose, this additional modification can sometimes include rolling fenders, hammering out pinch welds or notching quarter panels. 

That being said, everyone has their own opinion what the proper stance looks like. For some, the perfect stance is finding the balance between functionality and style. For others, it’s throwing all of that out the window for aesthetics. There is no right or wrong, but every once in a while you come across the perfect combination of both…



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