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There Is a Difference: Eibach, The Choice of Champions

The suspension of your vehicle is composed of many different components that move within a designated range of motion. Outside of factors like deflection of rubber parts (bushings or tires), the geometry can be calculated easily with a known set of equations. This opens the door for different interpretations of what, in a performance manufacturer’s opinion, is the best solution for improving upon the original equipment.

However, there is no universal answer. Each driver, engineer or performance manufacturer has their own preference or parameter of vehicle handling characteristics. The idea is to find the components that can offer the best solution to fit your requirements. You must first ask yourself, what is the primary use of the vehicle? Is it a daily driver? Weekend racer? Track-only monster? Once you know which direction you're headed, you can compile your information and weigh out your options because manufacturers have different ways to achieve desired effect. For instance, anti-roll bars (sway bars) can be manufactured using a solid or hollow design, and may also have adjustments to manipulate the spring rate of the bar. If that isn't enough, bar dimensions (particularly outer diameter and hollow wall thickness) are also a factor in the design and function of an anti-roll bar. All of that aside, there is one characteristic that stands above the rest: Quality.

To finish first, you must first finish. This statement is adopted by racers across the globe and is a fundamental part when it comes to choosing the best quality components for your vehicle. What criteria does one use to differentiate from one manufacturer to another? It starts with the selection and quality of raw materials.



Be aware of what you’re buying. Eibach has been engineering and manufacturing anti-roll bars for over four decades for both the performance aftermarket and original equipment for many of the top sports cars on the planet. Because of that, we've become an industry leader through our proprietary selection of high tensile chrome silicon spring steel, and fine tuning of the manufacturing process. Some manufacturers opt to use a lesser grade material which may be a cost effective way to manufacture, but the trade-off is inconsistent performance, poor fit and finish and even premature failure. Having to purchase parts more than once becomes expensive and time consuming. Ask any enthusiast with tenure, investing in quality parts will save time and money in the long run.



Gathering real world data and engineering each part to the closest tolerances means consistency of performance and a perfect fit every time. Motorsport is the true test of quality in both materials and manufacturing. Design and engineering from the race track are what drive advancements in automotive technology.


Implementation of quality control standards: What sort of quality control protocols does the manufacturer of your parts have in place? Eibach has been a recipient of the most stringent global quality control standards year after year. These certifications include the ISO| TS16949 as well as the Ford Q1 award. This focus on manufacturing quality is the reason the “Million-Mile Warranty” exists. If you're ready to equip your car with the finest suspension components in the world, start here



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