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Stance on Stance Response: Our Angle on Camber

Camber is defined as the vertical angle (in degrees) of your wheel when viewed from the front or rear of the vehicle. Most people reference the position of the top of the tire when looking at the amount of positive or negative camber. Positive camber will leave the top of the tire angled away from the chassis. Negative camber is the opposite where the top is angled in toward the chassis.

Negative camber can be beneficial to a degree (pun intended). Race cars setup for left and right turns (road course or auto-x) will have a higher degree of negative camber on the vehicle. Doing so increases efficiency of the tire by increasing the tire’s contact patch when lateral load is applied. There can always be too much of a good thing. As the camber angle increases, the amount of grip when accelerating or decelerating decreases. Too much camber angle can isolate and overwork parts of the tire leading to accelerated wear, overheating and adversely less grip.

Lately we’ve been seeing extreme amounts of negative camber being used to stuff oversized wheel and tire setups into the wheel well. This is not always a bad thing if the tires are sized correctly and designed to function at that angle. There are plenty of race winning vehicles that tuck a little tire to get a lower center of gravity.  Our angle on camber is this: WE LIKE IT. To get the optimum performance out of your tires adding some camber angle is important. 

We offer a line of camber kits to re-align to give you options. With added adjustability you have the option to align your vehicle back to factory spec or something a bit more performance oriented. Keep in mind, the caveat to the performance alignment will be some irregular tire wear and depending on how it’s aligned, twitchy steering that is prone to following road crowns and irregularities.  It really comes down to where your priorities lie.

To find an Eibach Camber Kit for your vehicle check out our Application Lookup at the top of the page.





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