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NEW: BMW M3 Pro-Street-S Coilover System

 BMW placed major focus around chassis balance of the M3, which we took special care not to disrupt throughout our engineering process. With the height adjustable PRO-STREET-S coilovers, users can lower the vehicle beyond that of our PRO-KIT springs and still maintain the vehicle’s weight distribution by way of corner weighting. This optimizes the weight of the vehicle at each wheel to maximize its transitional response. In addition, the decrease in ride height lowers the center of gravity which positively affects the handling characteristics of the vehicle, further reducing roll, pitch and dive.  

Heavy duty anodized aluminum hardware and stainless steel technology is implemented on the front struts while our proprietary powder coating system protects the rear shock bodies from rust and corrosion. A large 46mm piston and 22mm shaft is used in this monotube system for accelerated response to changing road conditions and driver input. 

The springs selected are from the Eibach “Elite” series of ERS Motorsport springs, featuring a barrel shape design to allow more travel. This translates to more stored energy and speed at which the spring rebounds; thus, keeping the sprung mass (tire) on the ground. These characteristics allowed our engineers to use rates that are both sporting for the street and competitive for track use. 

Combined with our ANTI-ROLL-KIT, our R&D vehicle turned some impressive times during track testing at Buttonwillow Raceway.  Equipped with only a set of high performance street tires, our E46 M3 completed a best lap time of a 2:04:42 where other similarly prepared E46’s were posting best laps of two minutes—eight seconds, up to a two minutes—twenty two.

The Eibach PRO-STREET-S (part number: 2072.711) is scheduled to hit shelves this coming Spring 2015. For a list of dealers, go to  Eibach.com




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