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Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series: Pre-Race Recap

The Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series is the evolution of the long-standing support of short course racing by Forrest Lucas and Lucas Oil Products. Steeped in the Midwest tradition of short course off-road racing infused with a West Coast influence, the series brings intense four wheel door-to-door action to challenging, fan-friendly tracks. This Friday marks the third round of the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series at Reno's Wild West Motorsports Park. After the excitement that ensued last round, we're expecting some amazingly close racing this weekend! Here's a recap of what went down on Lake Elsinore.

Pro 2

Friday: The heat started with an energized field fighting for the whole shot which led to a roll from Pastrana in the first corner. As the race restarted, Brian Deegan in his Eibach equipped #38 Rockstar/Makita Ford took the lead with Carl Renezeder and Robby Woods following him. At the white flag it was Deegan, Woods and Renezeder who managed to hold rank on the final lap. A dominant Deegan won the race, followed by Woods and Renezeder.

Saturday: Brian Deegan came out guns blazing and managed to put his Ford into the lead, closely followed by Bryce Menzies, Jeremy McGrath, Rob MacCachren and Carl Renezeder. After a rollover of Greg Adler in turn three, RJ Anderson got by Renezeder on the restart, but fell behind to seventh place. Afterwards it was MacCachren running third, Renezeder fourth and Woods fifth. MacCachren dropped to fourth just before Marty Hart’s rollover. As Renezeder and MacCachren battled hard on lap 12, Woods took advantage of the situation and past both on the outside. Renezeder managed to overtake Woods again in the next corner, followed by a red flag due to a fire on Spaccarelli’s truck, who made it out safe and sound. Menzies challenged Deegan and the two fought a tough battle for the lead. In the end it was Menzies who picked up the win, Deegan was second and Renezeder third. An all Eibach Podium again!

Pro Lite

Friday: This race took off with Bradley Morris in his #24 K&M/Kicker Ford, taking an early lead with Deegan nipping at his heels. Sheldon Creed ran third in the #74 Traxxas/A.M. Ortega Dodge. Morris and Deegan fought a tough battle, but a spin from Deegan dropped him down the field. Right behind them was Creed and RJ Anderson fighting hard for the third. In the confusion of Deegan dropping down, it was Casey Currie who took advantage of the situation and got by Creed. Creed fought back and managed to pick off Currie and Anderson on lap 14 and 15, respectively. After Fishback and Anderson fell behind, Currie moved to third, Morris kept the lead and Creed brought home second for an Eibach sweep of the podium.

Saturday: Brian Deegan was back out front at the end of lap one. Sheldon Creed ran second followed by Myles Cheek, Bradley Morris and Jimmy Fishback. After an odd landing off the mid-corner jump in turn one, Cheek dropped back a few spots on lap 6. Meanwhile Creed fought hard for the lead between himself and Deegan. At the same time, Morris and Anderson battled over third. Deegan grabbed the win ahead of Morris and Anderson. However, Anderson was handed a penalty which dropped him out of the top five, promoting Creed to third for another Eibach sweep!

Pro 4

Friday: This closing race was a heated battle in more ways than one. Eric Barron in his Eibach equipped #32 RC10.com/Mickey Thompson Toyota, went straight to the front followed by Rickey Johnson, Rob MacCachren, Kyle LeDuc and Carl Renezeder. On lap five, Renezeder got around MacCachren to move up to fourth. Lap 8 brought about an awesome three-truck battle between Barron, LeDuc and Renezeder. The heated one-on-one battle between Barron and LeDuc had everyone standing. The two flew side-by-side off the jump after the starting line and Barron flew to the right of the track landing on a berm which threw the car into nasty barrel roll. Barron endured what is agreed to be one of the worst crashes in the series’ history... with just a broken finger. Barron's Will To Win put him back in the drivers seat the very next day.

Saturday: The final race of the weekend showed how much goodwill and sportsmanship these racers possess. After the incident with Barrons truck, Team Eibach’s Jerry Daugherty generously offered up his backup so Eric could finish the weekend. Kyle LeDuc took the lead ahead of Carl Renezeder, Rob MacCachren, Rickey Johnson and Doug Fortin. Lap four brought about a rollover by Rob MacCachren. A tough battle between LeDuc and Renezer lead to Renezeder nosing against the wall followed by a slow rollover, which gave the win to LeDuc. Johnson maintained second and MacCachren fought his way back to the poduim in third place.




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