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Faces of Eibach: TRACK DAY! Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

Last weekend was a special event for a few of us Eibach’ers.  Speed Ventures, one of Southern California’s motorsports event sanctioning bodies, hosted a 92dB day at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.  The weekend schedule consisted of both Bimmer and S2K Challenges where the drivers in each series fight the clock for the best lap times of the day. This event catered to two of our very own—Tony Jackson and Kevin Cao. 

For a raceway so legendary the front gate was surprisingly low key. There was nothing eccentric about it, in fact it sneaks up on you.

Once you turn in, your excitement level climbs as you ascend up the steeply graded entrance. When you pull to the top of the hill it’s exactly what you expect, a wonderland of blue and white curbing with sights and sounds of racecars hustling and bustling around the track and in the paddock.

Perfect weather the entire weekend gave everyone the speed and grip they needed to knock out some respectable times. Here’s some in car footage from Tony’s fast laps.

The commute to and from Monterey is half the fun. The sights you see on your drive up the coast are amazing. It’s the stuff commercials are made of!

We were fortunate enough to run into quite a few Eibach fans that we don't normally see at Southern California events, so it was nice to meet everyone and hear their feedback on all the different products they've installed. That being said, one or two of us will always be out playing around a race track on the weekends, so make it a point to come say hello next time you're out, just look for the Eibach logo.



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