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Eibach Sway Bars: Quick Tune Guide

So you’ve picked up your new Eibach springs; what’s the next step? Upgrading your Anti-Roll Bars gives you the flexibility to fine tune specific handling characteristics of your vehicle. Let’s elaborate on what these characteristics are and how they affect the vehicle.

Each driver has their own preference on how their car reacts when taken to its limits. As a manufacturer, we engineer our ANTI-ROLL-KITs to work in conjunction with the PRO-KIT or SPORTLINE springs to deliver a balanced system that reduces body roll while improving cornering stability and grip. Whenever possible, Eibach ANTI-ROLL-BARs are designed with varying levels of adjustability that can change the spring rate of the bar, allowing you to fine tune how the vehicle is balanced by adjusting the amount of oversteer or understeer.

Understeer (also known as pushing or plowing) is when the steering input (at the steering wheel) has less effect than desired on the direction the car is turning. Most vehicle manufacturers design the car to exhibit understeer at the limit of adhesion. Too much understeer will cause a vehicle to “push” the nose forward and direct any impact to the front of the vehicle. This is the safest way for the car to lose control.

Oversteer (also known as power sliding or drifting) is the opposite, where the vehicle is turning more than the intended amount of steering input. Too much oversteer can cause the rear of the vehicle to lose all traction and go into a spin.

When making adjustments, it's important to remember that the higher spring rate of the bar, the less compliance there will be in the suspension, which alters the cornering balance of the vehicle. This can be a desired effect depending on drivetrain configuration. Front wheel drive cars are prone to understeer. This is due to the front tires overworking the drive wheels and the steer wheels at the same time. Increasing the rear anti-roll bar rate helps the balance of a front wheel drive vehicle. A rear wheel drive vehicle is more prone to oversteer from the rear drive wheels. A different rate front bar can balance a twitchy rear wheel drive car and give the driver more confidence in the turns.

Whether driving down some twisty mountain roads or through the corkscrew at Laguna Seca, upgrading your anti-roll bars will transform your vehicle into a corner carving machine. Being able to adjust to specific track conditions is what sets the prepared racer apart from their competitors. 

under/oversteer images courtesy of carbibles.com




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