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Eibach Multi-Pro-R2: Basic Setup and Adjustment

We supply a demand for a high quality double adjustable coilover system for the enthusiast who seeks fine tuning of every aspect from their dampers. Engineered and built from top to bottom on site at Eibach North America, the Multi-Pro-R2 is the most advanced piece of hardware we manufacture. Understanding how the system works will expedite the setup process as well as allow you to make the right changes for specific road or track conditions.

The basics: Your dampers (shocks) sole duty is to control the spring. It does so through the rate at which oil passes through the internal valving of the damper. The smaller the oil passage, the more force it takes (by the spring) to move the piston inside. A good reference would be drinking out of a coffee straw versus a standard McDonalds straw. The tiny holes in the coffee straw only allow a small amount of fluid to come through despite the effort you make. The McDonald’s straw is oversized and designed to be easy for your McCafe frappamacachinofrapilato to flow through.

The Setup: We recommend keeping a pen and notebook handy in the car at all times. With all of the possible adjustments that can be made (70 per corner!), it’s nearly impossible to keep track without them. It’s also a good reference tool when setting up for the track or auto-x. Being able to look back on what settings you had will save you some valuable seat time in the future.

The Multi-Pro-R2s allow the user to adjust rebound (controls the opening of the spring) and compression (controls the closing of the spring) separately from one another. We send out our kits with pre-determined spring rates and both rebound and compression adjusters fully open (remember, the more open the ports the easier oil can circulate.) You could also call this setting "full soft". Our engineers designed the system to be the most comfortable and compliant on this setting, and also allows the spring to move the most freely through its motions. Starting here will give you a baseline for your system.  

Make your rebound adjustments first. The Multi-Pro-R2s offer significant change in every click, so start adjustments small with one or two clicks at a time. Open rebound can provide ride comfort at the expense of less stability as speeds increase. You can assimilate this to the “rides like a Caddy” feeling.  As you increase your rebound (close the valving), you gain more control over how quickly the spring can open (rebound) and follow the contours of the road. In general, increasing rebound will make your vehicle feel more stable in transitions and high speed corners. If it is too high, it will cause the tire to lose grip and skip across the road surface.

Once you’ve chosen the appropriate rebound settings you can begin to dial in compression. Open compression allows the spring to close with less control from the damper, which works well over rough terrain, but the caveat is a vehicle that will be slower to respond to driver input. Too much compression can cause the tire to lose grip by overloading the tires too quickly, or simply not allowing the tires to maintain contact with the road. This is because the combined compression force of your spring and damper is too high.  The only place left to absorb the energy is the tire. Stickier compounds with heavy duty sidewalls are designed to handle more extreme loads, but most street tires are only capable of doing so many things at once.   

Setting up your R2s comes down to taking the time to make those small adjustments and writing down your findings as you go. Once you begin to familiarize yourself with the system and how compression and rebound affect your vehicle, you will be able to make those adjustments on the fly, and tuning for anything the road throws at you will be a breeze.

From winning a Pirelli World Challenge championship to regional time trial domination, the Multi-Pro-R2 is an extremely versatile tool. As the driver or vehicle continues to progress, the R2’s will follow. 

Setup sheet courtesy adrs2k via S2KI.com



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