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Eibach Honda Meet 2014: Round 10

Ten years… Ten years of the Honda moniker swarming the streets of The Inland Empire. It’s no coincidence this year was the best event to date. From its early beginnings in the Eibach parking lot the Eibach Meet has grown exponentially.  This year’s event brought over 6000 “Honda-Heads” and over 800 cars to the Lake Elsinore's Storm Stadium.  What’s really cool about this event is you get total diversity of tuning styles. From retro mods to racecars, there’s something for everyone to see and be inspired by.

Not only do you get to see other people’s interpretation of what their ideal Honda looks like; you get to see some amazing vendors and their shop cars as well.

The vendor alley was packed with some of the most well known names and cars in the industry. If you came looking for some official Honda gear, engine bay dress up hardware, or that hard to find JDM bit, we had it.

The quality of cars has been some of the best we’ve seen, but the Honda scene will always be changing and enthusiasts always innovating! We look forward to see what everyone brings out next year!




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